Did you know that when shrimp are trawled, only 10-20% of the sea life captured is shrimp?  That means the remaining 80-90% consists of unwanted by catch, which is thrown overboard either dead or dying.  Fish and sea turtles are the primary victims.  Not only does bycatch harm current population levels by needlessly killing creatures, […]

Back in March I received a beautiful chocolate bunny.  Fast forward six months and said bunny now looks, or looked, like this.   I guess the heat wave got the better of him. Happy Rabbit’s no longer so happy.  Sorry I neglected you Happy Rabbit.   Sad bunny photo cred. Anyway, how do you salvage such […]

In the past five days, I’ve made eight jars of pickles.  Excessive?  I think not.  Pickles are rather awesome. From left to right, we’ve got three jars of garlic-dill pickles, one jar of jalopeno pickles, two jars of long hot pickled peppers, one jar of pickled beets, and one jar of pickled watermelon rinds. Pickling […]

Currently on my nightstand is Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man, the biography of the man that revolutionized frozen food.  The book is actually quite fascinating.  Below are ten fun facts. Birds Eye the company is named after its founder, Mr. Birdseye. Mr. Birdseye developed and patented the technique of flash freezing food. Today, Birds Eye […]

Father’s Day weekend, the Gilroys took a trip to NYC to see Once (highly recommend it), celebrate the papa, and, of course, eat some darn good food in Little Italy. The restaurant we found ourselves at was fabulous.  My selection–a tuna steak atop a bed of arugula with tomatoes, capers, olives, red onion, and fresh […]

It’s hot here in Philly.  89 degrees with Floridian humidity hot.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the warmth.  After four years in Vermont I’ve got to make up for lost time.  However, I can’t say I enjoy being greeted by an 85 degree wall of air every time I open the door to my […]

I always liked Jillian Michaels.  Or rather, I liked her in the small handful of Biggest Loser episodes that I’ve seen.  Her I don’t take no bullshit attitude is just my style. Then I came across this snippet from her: Next time you’re full but can’t stop picking at your plate, wreck it. Don’t put […]