Tip #1: Chop, chop, chop

When it comes to certain things, I can be quite lazy. We all have such tasks–whether it’s making the bed (the sheets will just be messed up again tonight), removing the chipped purple nail polish from our toenails (the rest will eventually chip away too), or returning our library books (that’s what renewing is for!)–that we tend to avoid.
While I am guilty of all the aforementioned items, my biggest offense is vegetable peeling. I have no patience for it: the peels scatter across my counter and sink; vegetable prep time doubles; and I have to wash both a knife AND the blasted peeler at the end of the ordeal. We live tough lives folks.
After tossing away several bags of carrots so flimsy they could be bent into an ‘O’ for old, I realized something had to give. The obvious solution would be to buy baby carrots but alas, I am cheap and baby carrots are not, relatively speaking. Besides, baby carrots are rather slimy and weird. Instead, I started pre-peeling and chopping my whole bag of carrots all at once. One peeler, one knife, one cutting board to wash; one tupperware of carrot sticks to dip in hummus, roast in olive oil, or stir-fry with peanut sauce all week long.
Problem solved.
The same approach can be taken for other produce (peppers, broccoli, and melon all keep well) regardless of whether they require peelage.  Even if you are on solid ground with your peeler and chopping block, you are more likely to eat your produce (and subsequently less likely to toss it) if the work is already done. There’s a reason we Americans like our Micky Ds.


  1. Great tip, Jamie! Can’t tell you how often we’ve emptied our vegetable drawer of limp (or worse…rotting) produce. Celery seems to be the biggest culprit. Maybe I should just buy celery from the salad bar when I need it for a recipe…

    Thanks for getting us moving on this project!!

    1. Pretend you’re 6 years old and eat it with peanut butter and raisins! Ants on a log I think it’s called?


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