The Egg Drop

A few years ago, the Gilroys took a cruise through the Caribbean.  The trip was quite great…with one exception.  Our waiter.  He was quite an oddball.  A very enthusiastic oddball.  I asked about the lobster ravioli.  His response?  “It’s EGGGGGGGcelent.”  The grilled salmon?  “It’s EGGGGGcelent.”  How about the pear crisp a la mode.  “EGGGGGGGGcelent.”  I wasn’t going to ask about the breakfast scramble.

Anyway, like many foods, eggs can last long past their listed expiration date.  However, unlike an apple turned rotten applesauce or the no-longer-liquid milk Michael J. Fox pours over his cereal in Life With Mikey, it can be tricky to determine if an egg is still good based solely on its outer appearance.

So, instead of tossing away your next “expired” carton (or cracking a rotten egg into your triple chocolate fudge brownie batter), try this trick.  Fill a bowl with water.  Drop any questionables in.  Eggs that sink are good; eggs that float are bad.

For my fellow science nerds, this works because as the egg ages, air invades the egg’s interior through the porous shell, increasing its buoyancy.

Now get cracking: go fry some eggs!

ImageFried eggs on toast with dried figs, parsley, and honey.  EGGGGcelent.


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  1. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!


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