Chocolate-covered Chips > Chocolate-covered Pretzels

Around the holidays, Papa Gilroy tends to receive quite a few of those oversized gift baskets full of excessively packaged treats.  I mean, really: two gingersnaps do not require the protection of child-proof plastic wrap, a Christmas-themed box, and a dainty red ribbon.  While the Ghiradelli and Godiva baskets are all well and good, the ones I look forward to the most are from Harry & David.  They are the creme de la creme when it comes to impersonal holiday gift giving.  Their pears?  To die for.

Also to die for?  The chocolate coated popcorn mixes.  One particular mix, in addition to caramel popcorn, includes chocolate-covered potato chips.  It was an extra merry Christmas the year we received that variety.   The entire tub was consumed in the airport for dinner.  Popcorn is a whole grain and potatoes are vegetables.  It was valid.

Anyway, the reason I bring up the pears and the popcorn (and the subsequent popcorn-for-dinner justification) is because last night, I received this most exciting email from Sarah:

Accidentally made too much chocolate sauce? Why not make some nice choco chips. #40% WOOOHOO NOT WASTIN


Good work Sarah.  I approve…on the condition that you mail me a few pronto.



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