Food Saves of the Week

We as eaters are not the only ones throwing our food away.  Grocery stores and other retailers toss quite a bit in the trash as well, including 12% of their fruits and vegetables.  Bruised bananas, oddly shaped tomatoes, and slightly wilted basil are deemed unfit for the shelves.  

Some grocery stores have helped save the poor lumpy tomatoes from the perils of the landfill by creating imperfect, discount produce shelves–a haven for we food savers!  Does your store have one?  The Acme where I do most of my shopping does not.  However, the produce stand at Reading Terminal Market does and I took full advantage this weekend.

For the dirt cheap price of one dollar, I got a goodie bag containing a grapefruit (skin was slightly discolored), a soft tangerine, a barely bruised kiwi, and two apples.

ImageTwo little holes that can easily be eaten around.  

The tangerine inspired this dinner….


…and the apple filled the bottom half of my lunchbox!

ImageIt was by no means subpar.  Also in my lunchbox today was another food save–leftover veggies snagged from a lunch spread.

ImageImageThey certainly look more appealing outside of the dixie cup.  

What steps have you taken this week to reduce the 40%?






  1. Leftovers!! And I ate every one of my Chick-fil-a french fries with dinner tonight:)

  2. oh I love this idea! I try to plan meals ahead so that I won’t have any wasted food!


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