My take: Freezer dos and don’ts


  • Freeze leftover baked goods.  Leave extra cupcakes on your counter and you KNOW that one of two scenarios will result.  (1) Sugar-induced coma + chocolate icing on the corners of your mouth + trail of cake crumbs on your kitchen floor + several swigs of pepto bismal.  (2) Cupcakes in your trashcan waiting to be garnished with the morning’s soggy coffee grounds.  Do yourself a favor: grab a ziplock.
  • Freeze the second half of your jar of pasta sauce, carton of chicken broth, etc in freezer bags.  These are some of my most often thrown away items–there is just too much sauce in those jars!
  • Label everything with both contents and date.  Things don’t always look the same when frozen.
  • Chop and freeze unused herbs, veggies, berries, and bananas that otherwise would rot in the fridge.  If you can buy it in the frozen aisle, you can freeze it yourself.  Pre-prepped onions and herbs are particular handy and frozen fruit is great for smoothies!
  • Freeze leftover waffles separated by pieces of wax paper.  Toaster waffles are perfect for weekday mornings.  If fact, I ate one this morning.  With peanut butter, strawberries, and cocoa krispies on top.


  • Freeze bread without transferring it first to a ziplock.  It will get so freezer burned that it appears moldy.
  • Buy and store random items you don’t normally use.  Not an ice-cream eater?  Don’t buy a tub to have on hand for guests 3 months down the road or your visitors will be politely accepting freezer-burned triple mocha chocolate chunk.
  • Freeze so many items that you can no longer see what’s hidden in the back.  When I moved out of my old apartment, I found a few items in the back that I’m pretty sure I purchased two years prior.  Lesson learned.
  • Freeze your pet bird and expect it to be revived.  For years I believed my father’s tale of freezing his childhood pet and having it thaw and fly out months later.  I now treat his assertions with a certain degree of skepticism.

Do you have any ‘freezer rules’?  Do share!



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