Brussel sprouts for breakfast.

There are few things my mom and I fight about.  We’ve never been the yelling, screaming, “You’re ruining my life by not letting my 16 year old self go to a crack party” sort of mother daughter pair.  But, we do disagree on two very serious issues.  Firstly, Neil Diamond.  Sorry Neil, but I do not love you and your good times that never seemed so good.  Mom, I love you very much, but please refrain from playing Neil Diamond on repeat in my presence, okay?

Our second point of disagreement is brussel sprouts.  Mom hates to cook them.  Apparently they make the house “reek to high heaven.”  I think that perfectly roasted brussels are well worth a slightly unpleasant odor.  That’s what windows, fans, and chamomile vanilla sugar cookie yankee candles are for.

Last night I came up with the perfect compromise: grilled brussel sprouts.  Gloriously charred brussel sprouts whose odor would diffuse into the fresh spring air.  I thought myself brilliant.

Onto the grill went roughly three dozen skewered and seasoned sprouts.  Ten minutes later we had roughly three dozen steaming hot, gloriously charred, and utterly tasteless brussel sprouts….and two of us to eat (or rather, not eat) them.

Rather than toss them into the trash, mom sent me (and my slightly bruised culinary ego) home with the whole three dozen.  This morning, I revived them in the form of a brussel sprout salad.  With the addition of red wine vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dijon mustard, these babies were a tasty component of my Sunday (second) breakfast.  Don’t judge.


Give it a try next time you have leftover brussel sprouts–tasty or not so tasty–laying around.  It is well worth the thirty seconds of your time.  You don’t have to punish your taste buds in the interest of saving the planet.



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