Sorry Jillian, we can no longer be friends.

I always liked Jillian Michaels.  Or rather, I liked her in the small handful of Biggest Loser episodes that I’ve seen.  Her I don’t take no bullshit attitude is just my style.

Then I came across this snippet from her:

Next time you’re full but can’t stop picking at your plate, wreck it. Don’t put it in the garbage; we’ve all had that Miranda moment from Sex and the City where we’ll still eat it out of the trash. Pour salt on it or put your drink on it, just ruin it. People have issues with wrecking food because it feels wrong, but let’s get real: It’s not going to children starving in Africa, it’s going to the trash. It’s not worth cellulite, muffin top, cancer, or heart disease.

Sorry Jillian, but we can no longer be friends.  Wrecking food feels wrong for a reason.  I don’t appreciate being advised to ignore my moral instincts.  While I certainly can’t help a hungry child by fedexing my leftover baked potato to Nigeria, I can keep said potato out of the landfill where it will release methane into the atmosphere as it rots.  

Perhaps I’m being harsh.  After all, I’m not on a diet.  I am twenty-two years old and can’t say I am particularly concerned about getting cellulite, a muffin top, cancer, or heart disease.  I kind of love leftovers.  But, there has to be a better solution.

Here are my ideas:

  • Be a conscious cook.  Prepare just enough for one meal.
  • Serve yourself a reasonable portion.  Then put the rest right in the fridge or freezer where it is less likely to tempt you.
  • At a restaurant, push your plate to the end of the table where you will be less likely to pick at it.  Ask for a to-go box when the waiter comes to take it away.

If all else fails, at least give your extra food to your dog.  Or your neighbor’s dog.  Or your neighbor’s sister’s boss’s ex-husband’s dog.

Have a suggestion?  Do share!



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