It’s hot here in Philly.  89 degrees with Floridian humidity hot.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the warmth.  After four years in Vermont I’ve got to make up for lost time.  However, I can’t say I enjoy being greeted by an 85 degree wall of air every time I open the door to my apartment.

These conditions are not exactly conducive to cooking.  Unless eating pistachio ice-cream straight from the container with your head inside the freezer counts?  Didn’t think so.

I figured I’d avoid any and all heat-producing appliances this evening by dumping half the contents of my fridge on a plate and calling it salad.  But, in scrounging, I found a near-death head of cauliflower.  I knew it wouldn’t last another day.  Damn cauliflower.

I fought myself.  Hard.  I really did not want to turn the stove on.  But, I realized throwing out that cauliflower would only exacerbate the situation.  See, food waste contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.  Greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming.  More heat?  No thanks.  Onto the stove went a pot of water.  Onto my plate went three cauliflower tacos.  Don’t try this one at home.  I blame heat stroke for this less than stellar dinner concept.


Salvaging food ain’t always easy.  Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.  I’m calling this a win.



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