Father’s Day weekend, the Gilroys took a trip to NYC to see Once (highly recommend it), celebrate the papa, and, of course, eat some darn good food in Little Italy.

The restaurant we found ourselves at was fabulous.  My selection–a tuna steak atop a bed of arugula with tomatoes, capers, olives, red onion, and fresh basil on top–was superb.  Superb and seriously ginormous.  To say that it was the size of my face and a half is not an exaggeration.  Needless to say, I was beyond stuffed merely halfway into it, and with a good 8oz of tuna left on my plate.

Ordinarily, I would take the leftovers home to eat for lunch the next day (or in this case, two).  But that night, we were heading straight to the theatre for Once.  Eating tuna that was left unrefridgerated for five hours in the middle of June sounded fishy, pun intended.  Regretfully, my leftovers headed to the trash.  That’s 50% of my meal!  Not cool.

To make matters worse, we stopped by Ferrara for dessert.  My intention was to just get coffee.  Then I spotted real-deal, non-green, pistachio gelato.  I could not help myself.  Unfortunately, I could not eat more than a few spoonfuls before pushing it aside.  Delicious, but rich.  And I was full.  Gelato definitely wouldn’t make it five hours sans freezer.  More food for the trash.

The evening was a complete failure with regard to food waste (although wonderful in every other right).  I plead guilty.

My failure got me thinking of ways to keep restaurant food waste to a minimum in the future.  Here’s what I came up with.

  1. Don’t order appetizers.  Or, only order appetizers.
  2. If you order dessert, share.  Restaurant desserts are always huge.  Plus, 95% of the time they are not that good anyway.
  3. Don’t like pickles?  Ask that it no be served aside your sandwich.  Better yet, give it to me.  Same goes for any ingredient or component of a dish.  Why pick around it?
  4. Know that the basked of subpar bread is going to ruin your appetite?  Ask your server not to bring it.
  5. Not that hungry?  Embrace the salad.  It’s good for you, plus you’ll save yourself (or your treater) some dollars.
  6. Consider portion size when choosing a restaurant.  Either learn from experience or utilize yelp.
Good luck.


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