Birds Eye: Fun facts

Currently on my nightstand is Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man, the biography of the man that revolutionized frozen food.  The book is actually quite fascinating.  Below are ten fun facts.

  1. Birds Eye the company is named after its founder, Mr. Birdseye.
  2. Mr. Birdseye developed and patented the technique of flash freezing food.
  3. Today, Birds Eye is known for its frozen vegetables.  However, the first food the company (then under the name of General Seafood Corp) flash froze and packaged on a large scale was haddock filets.
  4. Flash freezing prevents large crystals from forming during the freezing process, which damage the cells of our food and diminish its quality.
  5. Flash freezing is also used on biological samples to preserve the integrity of human cells.
  6. In 1834, chemist Charles Saint-Ange Thilorier created dry ice by pressurizing carbon dioxide.  Unfortunately, his assistant lost both of this legs in the process.  
  7. Dry ice has a temperature of -109.3°F.  I handle it at work on a daily basis.  It’s quite cold.
  8. Because of its low temperature, dry ice can flash freeze food.
  9. Prior to the advent of modern, industrial refrigeration and the invention of saran wrap, grocers struggled to keep the edges of their blocks of cheese from drying out.  
  10. Velveeta cheese was devised as a solution in 1908.  The product was purchased and popularized by Kraft in 1927.


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