The Resolution

In 2013, we will reduce our contribution to food waste by grocery shopping consciously, ordering conservatively at restaurants, and utilizing leftovers.  Our estimated savings through this endeavor will be donated to Philabundance, a local, multifaceted, hunger-ending organization.  Through conversations, both in person and online, we will raise awareness of food waste in the U.S. and encourage others to join us in playing our part to create change.


  1. rosefarm63 · · Reply

    We have done really well this past week:

    – leftover waffle batter was stored in the fridge in a mason jar…and we had delicious waffles two mornings in a row. In the past, I always tossed the excess.
    – soup bought in the food court yesterday that needed diluting was taken home and doctored for a yummy lunch
    – coffee we didn’t drink this morning became iced coffee
    – even though there appeared to be not much food in the house, we didn’t shop for dinner tonight…roasted carrots, sauteed spinach, salad, bratwursts from the freezer, and toasted whole grain bread that otherwise would be getting stale with just two of us at home.
    – unfortunately, said brats did end up in the garbage as they tasted a little…um…spoiled? Let’s hope for the best throughout the night tonight:)

    Will continue to look for ways to NOT throw out food.

  2. Papa Gilroy · · Reply

    Researchers have confirmed that in good or bad habits take about 30 days to set in… I have been testing that research and now believe it to be absolute… So….. now we need to create the good habits that reduce to zero the food waste in the U.S.


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