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Peter piper

In the past five days, I’ve made eight jars of pickles.  Excessive?  I think not.  Pickles are rather awesome. From left to right, we’ve got three jars of garlic-dill pickles, one jar of jalopeno pickles, two jars of long hot pickled peppers, one jar of pickled beets, and one jar of pickled watermelon rinds. Pickling […]

Brussel sprouts for breakfast.

There are few things my mom and I fight about.  We’ve never been the yelling, screaming, “You’re ruining my life by not letting my 16 year old self go to a crack party” sort of mother daughter pair.  But, we do disagree on two very serious issues.  Firstly, Neil Diamond.  Sorry Neil, but I do […]

Croissant Bread Pudding

Want to know what’s better than gooey, chocolatey bread pudding?  Gooey, chocolatey bread pudding made from buttery croissants.  Duh. Papa G had a few croissants leftover from Saturday’s breakfast and had the genius idea to make just this dish.  As croissants can barely make it until afternoon tea without falling flat, they would otherwise have […]

Pesky pesky cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe.  I like it, don’t love it.  In my personal hierarchy of melons, it falls toward the bottom, squandered by ripe summer watermelons and juicy honeydew.  But, when my Acme had it on sale for $2.50 per HUGE melon, I had a momentary lapse in memory.  For those three minutes in the produce department, cantaloupe […]