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Shrimp trawling

Did you know that when shrimp are trawled, only 10-20% of the sea life captured is shrimp?  That means the remaining 80-90% consists of unwanted by catch, which is thrown overboard either dead or dying.  Fish and sea turtles are the primary victims.  Not only does bycatch harm current population levels by needlessly killing creatures, […]

One fish, two fish.

The most wasted food at the consumer level is seafood.  We throw away 33% of what we buy.  Shocked?  I was too at first.  Fish ain’t cheap!   And it isn’t exactly an impulse purchase.  There’s a reason grocers stock the most visible sections of the store with cocoa krispies, trident, and heart shaped boxes […]

The Lowdown

Forty percent of our nation’s food supply never makes it into our bellies.  Forty percent rots in landfills, emitting methane into the environment, while so many people in the U.S. and across the globe lack food security.  Not okay. Food is wasted at many levels: during production and distribution, in grocery stores and restaurants, and […]