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Happy Rabbit, I’m Sorry.

Back in March I received a beautiful chocolate bunny.  Fast forward six months and said bunny now looks, or looked, like this.   I guess the heat wave got the better of him. Happy Rabbit’s no longer so happy.  Sorry I neglected you Happy Rabbit.   Sad bunny photo cred. Anyway, how do you salvage such […]


Father’s Day weekend, the Gilroys took a trip to NYC to see Once (highly recommend it), celebrate the papa, and, of course, eat some darn good food in Little Italy. The restaurant we found ourselves at was fabulous.  My selection–a tuna steak atop a bed of arugula with tomatoes, capers, olives, red onion, and fresh […]

Still Tasty

Last week, my friend and fellow FeelGooder shared the website  After perusing the site for a good half hour (while simultaneously watching Bridesmaids highlights of course), I have come to the conclusion that StillTasty is AWESOME. From the homepage, you can search for whatever food you’re wondering about and BAM!  Shelf, fridge, and freezer […]

One fish, two fish.

The most wasted food at the consumer level is seafood.  We throw away 33% of what we buy.  Shocked?  I was too at first.  Fish ain’t cheap!   And it isn’t exactly an impulse purchase.  There’s a reason grocers stock the most visible sections of the store with cocoa krispies, trident, and heart shaped boxes […]

Chocolate-covered Chips > Chocolate-covered Pretzels

Around the holidays, Papa Gilroy tends to receive quite a few of those oversized gift baskets full of excessively packaged treats.  I mean, really: two gingersnaps do not require the protection of child-proof plastic wrap, a Christmas-themed box, and a dainty red ribbon.  While the Ghiradelli and Godiva baskets are all well and good, the […]

The Egg Drop

A few years ago, the Gilroys took a cruise through the Caribbean.  The trip was quite great…with one exception.  Our waiter.  He was quite an oddball.  A very enthusiastic oddball.  I asked about the lobster ravioli.  His response?  “It’s EGGGGGGGcelent.”  The grilled salmon?  “It’s EGGGGGcelent.”  How about the pear crisp a la mode.  “EGGGGGGGGcelent.”  I […]

Tip #1: Chop, chop, chop

When it comes to certain things, I can be quite lazy. We all have such tasks–whether it’s making the bed (the sheets will just be messed up again tonight), removing the chipped purple nail polish from our toenails (the rest will eventually chip away too), or returning our library books (that’s what renewing is for!)–that […]