There are few things my mom and I fight about.  We’ve never been the yelling, screaming, “You’re ruining my life by not letting my 16 year old self go to a crack party” sort of mother daughter pair.  But, we do disagree on two very serious issues.  Firstly, Neil Diamond.  Sorry Neil, but I do […]

Last week, my friend and fellow FeelGooder shared the website  After perusing the site for a good half hour (while simultaneously watching Bridesmaids highlights of course), I have come to the conclusion that StillTasty is AWESOME. From the homepage, you can search for whatever food you’re wondering about and BAM!  Shelf, fridge, and freezer […]

Every problem has a solution.  At least that’s what my math teacher told me.  I like to think that it holds true outside of the realm of trigonometric functions and multivariate statistics. Below is a list of my top problem foods when it comes to food waste.  Will you help me brainstorm some solutions?  Pretty […]

Want to know what’s better than gooey, chocolatey bread pudding?  Gooey, chocolatey bread pudding made from buttery croissants.  Duh. Papa G had a few croissants leftover from Saturday’s breakfast and had the genius idea to make just this dish.  As croissants can barely make it until afternoon tea without falling flat, they would otherwise have […]

DO: Freeze leftover baked goods.  Leave extra cupcakes on your counter and you KNOW that one of two scenarios will result.  (1) Sugar-induced coma + chocolate icing on the corners of your mouth + trail of cake crumbs on your kitchen floor + several swigs of pepto bismal.  (2) Cupcakes in your trashcan waiting to be […]

We as eaters are not the only ones throwing our food away.  Grocery stores and other retailers toss quite a bit in the trash as well, including 12% of their fruits and vegetables.  Bruised bananas, oddly shaped tomatoes, and slightly wilted basil are deemed unfit for the shelves.   Some grocery stores have helped save […]

The most wasted food at the consumer level is seafood.  We throw away 33% of what we buy.  Shocked?  I was too at first.  Fish ain’t cheap!   And it isn’t exactly an impulse purchase.  There’s a reason grocers stock the most visible sections of the store with cocoa krispies, trident, and heart shaped boxes […]